Parents help

What is

skillsandthrills makes it easy for you to find and book kids activities in one place.

Find – search through our range of classes using our simple filtering tools to find the classes that best suit your needs. You can search by a range of criteria from your child’s age to the day of the week you need to fill! Once you’ve narrowed it down we’ve included lots of information about the classes and the providers to help you make an informed choice to find the perfect activity for your child.

Check availability – You can see whether there are spots available in your chosen activity in real-time, so you can book on the spot. No need to send an email and wait for a reply, or wait until morning to call them.

Book – once you’ve selected the available spots, you can book, register and pay for them directly online.

How much does it cost?

You don’t pay any costs for booking throughskillsandthrills! You only pay the cost of the class – which will be the same as the cost the activity provider offers if you booked directly with them.

How do I know what classes have places available?

Only available classes can be added to your cart. Unavailable or fully booked classes will show up as greyed out in the booking calendar.

Can I book for my child's friends?

Yes, as long as you are able to accurately enter their relevant registration details including date of birth, any allergies/medical conditions and their emergency contact name and number

What if I need to cancel or change a booking?

Once you book a class, you are subject to the provider’s own Terms & Conditions, please contact the provider directly if you need to cancel or change a booking. If you are having difficulties please contact us on and we’ll try to help.

How secure is your site?

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures that all connections on Skills and Thrills’s server remain encrypted. We do not store any credit card details and payments are processed through our payments engines – we use Stripe and PayPal.

Why do I have to register?

Registering allows us to pass your contact details onto the activity providers for enrolment

Once you are registered with, you wont have to re-enter your details, so you’ll be able to complete your future bookings faster.

Why do you need to know if my child has any allergies medical conditions

Activity providers require this information to register your child at the time of booking. This is to ensure they are aware of and prepared for any allergies/medical conditions before your child arrives on site.

What locations do you cover?

At present skillsandthrills covers activities in the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney – but we will be adding more suburbs in the near future. We know how important it is to offer local activities to parents in the same area, so we will be expanding suburb but suburb.

Provider help

How can skillsandthrills help me?

skillsandthrills can help you:

Keep you marketing costs low, we charge no upfront costs  you only pay once you actually make a sale

reach more customers quickly. We use traditional and digital marketing channels to help parents we know are looking to book their children into activities for school holidays or term time activities. We’ll do the marketing for you.

We are focusing all our SEO, digital and traditional marketing on reaching the Eastern Suburbs parent’s market. When you sign up with us, we will be marketing directly to your local target market to acquire you new business.

Our online payments will also allow you to get paid upfront for activities and reduces the administration around booking, payments handling, accounts reconciliations


What is the different between skillsandthrills and other kids activity platforms?

skillsandthrills is a platform created just for kid’s activities. It was designed to connect parents to kids activity providers, and all our tools and processes have been tailored to make that connection as simple and seamless as possible.

Unlike other platforms we also don’t charge for leads or the promise of future leads. We only charge you (the provider), a transaction fee  when you actually have a booking.

How does skillsandthrills make money?

skillsandthrills is free for the parents. We take a transaction fee from the total booking cost from you (the provider), and that’s to cover the merchant credit card fee, our technology costs and marketing costs

What is the payments process?

Payment is taken from customers at the time of booking, they can pay using PayPal or with any major credit card via our payments engine – Stripe . The funds will be deposited into your nominated bank account soon after that, less our transaction fee.

How does skillsandthrills know if I have available spots for an activity?

When you add a class to Skills and Thrills you’ll be asked how many available places you would like to release for booking on the platform. We understand you will continue to take bookings through other channels, so to make sure you don’t double book, we recommend you don’t release all of your places on Skills and Thrills at once

As classes are booked on Skills and Thrills, the available number of slots will automatically reduce. You will also receive e-mail notification from us as bookings are made. You can add more/remove slots as many times as you like.

Does skillsandthrills integrate with my bookings system?

Eventually skillsandthrills will integrate with other major booking channels, but for now, our beta launch, available bookings will be manually added/adjusted onskillsandthrills. To change the number of spots available you can email us on or if urgent call us on 0448442311

How will you notify me that I have a booking?

You will receive e-mail notification from us every time a booking is made. Where large bookings are made in one go and/or where your available places for a class on Skills and Thrills are running low, we will call you to discuss if you want to add more places

How will I know the child(ren)'s details to register them?

At the time of each booking we will send you all the information you need to register each child that has booked on Skills and Thrills including allergies/medical conditions

How do parents know what to bring to a class?

A summary of what to bring to the class will be included on the class booking page, and will also be on the final summary of classes booked. Parents will be able to save their bookings to their calendar – this diary information will also include what to bring

Some of my classes require parent consents - how will I get these if they book on skillsandthrills?

Your provider page will include your Terms & Conditions, parents will be required to confirm they have read and agree with your Terms & Conditions prior to finalising their booking.

How do I join?

We’d love you to join – just contact our support centre on or on 0448442311, and we can help bring you on-board.

Can any providers join the skillsandthrills provider network?

Yes, but we only accept high quality kids activity providers and at a minimum all provider’s staff must have unto date Working With Children checks.

Please note that we are currently focusing on the Eastern Suburbs but we will be launching across Sydney very soon!