What is Skills and Thrills?

When you’re a parent, life’s complicated. Gone are the days of lazy weekend retreats, reading a book on the beach, or standard weekend sleep ins (getting a good night’s sleep is tough enough). ‘Me-time’ goes down, and commitment to everything else goes up – and just when you think you’re at your limits, the school holidays hit you.

We know as parents that you want to empower your kids and give them opportunities to grow, to nurture their creative minds and growing bodies. But it’s the wild west online when it comes to kids programs. There are so many amazing providers out there, but how do you know they are trusted, close to home, have the dates you are after and then can book them all quickly and easily.

We honed our active listening skills (yes even we like to level up), and after hearing the same complaints over and over from others in the same situation, we committed ourselves to taking at least one hassle off the proverbial parental plate. You can thank us later…or anytime for that matter.

I seem to spend hours trawling through emails, newsletters, websites  and picking up flyers trying to find kids activities

in my area

I have to call during business hours to find out if there is availability – between my busy schedule and the provider’s it can take days to connect

It’s one of the most painful processes – and I have to go through it 3 times a year! Why do I have to go though 4 separate steps to book my kids?!”

With all the different confirmations – in person, by phone, by email I can never remember what I have booked, for who and when it starts

We’d love to hear (see listening again) your feedback on how else we can improve, or just other ideas you might like to see. Also we are building this community by community, so let us know if you’re in a suburb that needs us!

Email us anytime at letschat@skillsandthrills.com.au

Who we are

We are a motley crew…kidding, well kind of. Although we come from different backgrounds, one thing we all share here at Skills and Thrills is that we like simplicity. Founded by two parents, Skills and Thrills was born out of the chaos and shared frustration that was finding trusted kids activity providers, coordinating with other parents and then trying to keep track of it all. It just shouldn’t have been that complicated or time consuming. So we took matters into our own hands. Because let’s face it, this parenting gig is hard enough already and we all need to stick together and help each other out.

Shazia Juma - Easypeazy CEO & Co Founder

Shazia Juma-Ross

Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Hunter - Easypeazy CFO & Co Founder

Michael Hunter

Co-Founder & CFO